St. Jude Medical Angio-Seal Evolution Product Launch

Understanding that physicians are highly driven by the safety and efficacy of medical devices, we designed a larger-than-life campaign that underscored that innovative transformation of this trusted device and demonstrated its ability to provide control over risk. The REVOLUTIONARY campaign was designed to foster excitement and build brand recognition at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) event.

We employed traditional media–print ads, booth graphics and outdoor marketing–as well as technology-driven vehicles such as e-blasts and a consumer-style product commercial designed to play in the St. Jude Medical booth as well as on cell phones and MP3 players. Beyond the show, the campaign was maintained through journal ads and product brochures. To create impactful sales calls, reps received custom-made leather portfolios holding all the necessary collateral pieces.

Overall, this robust campaign generated palpable excitement that began at TCT and continues to surround this product today.

St. Jude Medical Angio-Seal Evolution product video from Phil Hoch on Vimeo.


Greatbatch Medical Global Brand

We started by separating Greatbatch, the parent company, from its subsidiary, Greatbatch Medical. We then tapped into the most powerful emotional need of Greatbatch Medical’s customers: reliable support in the development of innovative medical devices. With this philosophy, we created a comprehensive brand positioning and identity system to differentiate Greatbatch Medical from its competition. From this platform, a logo and the support line, “A Critical Part of the Big Picture” were established. In developing imagery, we concentrated on the most important aspect behind Greatbatch Medical’s support: the people. Actual employees including engineers, scientists and product designers are featured illustrating the focus and dedication Greatbatch Medical has in supporting its customers. By engaging employees, we created brand ambassadors that live and share the brand across the globe.

Popscopic – Augmented Reality API Mashup

At Modern Climate we like to experiment, so the Circus Mashimus API mashup contest was the perfect outlet. The result was a winning augmented reality experience called Popscopic that had some fun letting users browse and shop popular entertainment titles that were pulled from the, Billboard Magazine, and New York Times APIs. Also, reminding people that technology doesn’t always have to look techie.

Best Buy Digital Blue Shirt Product Narrowing Tool

To help increase the in-store decision making process, we helped Best Buy’s customers get to the product that’s right for them with a dynamic touch screen narrowing tool. I introduced the Digital Blue Shirt, which plays off the actual Blue Shirt in the stores and serves as the level two product expert in the store. Through an engaging attract loop and active interface, the user answers a series of questions to narrow the number of products to only the ones that fit their preferences. Currently in the Roseville, MN Best Buy, this will be in Best Buy stores around the country and extend to different product categories in the near future.

Modern Climate Fly

How do you keep people connected to what’s going on all over the world at any second? Well, we placed an ad in Delta Fly magazine which pointed people to an app on our website. The app pulls the latest trends from Twitter and Google and uses those terms to search for new content posted within the last three hours. The results are the top ten trending topics, or as we call it, Fly. It’s actually very useful. I check it every day to find out what’s going on out there.

Modern Climate Brand

Our company was in a real pickle. We wanted to engage customers at a deeper level, but we were seen as a boutique agency not capable of playing on a larger stage. Originally Wolfmotell, we decided to make a huge leap by changing our name to reflect an ever-changing state of technology and the world. Our new story called “the ecology of preference” reflected not execution, but bonding to customer’s emotions, which in turn drives strategy and creative. Also, we didn’

t turn our back to our technology roots, but embraced it and shouted it from the mountain top. This position and system elevated our stature and has since got us several new projects. The buzz is still continuing and new initiatives are being developed to extend our brand.